More Artwork And Dragoon Screenshots From The New Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV will go through a rebirth when the world and zones change into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Square Enix gave us a look at some of the new areas like Pirate’s Cove (above) and a ruins in a lake area (below).


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Final Fantasy XIV will add traditional classes like the Dragoon into the game. These screenshots show a Dragoon fighting a treant and charging Dragonfire Dive, a class specific skill.


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The Lalafell are both rotund and diminutive. Small by any race’s standards and possessing a childlike countenance, a Lalafell’s true age is difficult to gauge with any degree of accuracy. Originally an agricultural people inhabiting the fertile islands of the south seas, they found their way to Eorzea via the burgeoning trade routes. Lalafell are welcoming of outsiders, and share prosperous relations with all of the other races of Eorzea.



The Elezen are a characteristically tall people, long of limb and slender of build. They once claimed sole dominion over Eorzea, and developed a heightened sense of honor and pride. In years past, the Hyur migration into Elezen lands sparked bitter conflict. At present, however, the mutual understanding reached between the two races allows them to work towards mutual peace and prosperity.




The Roegadyn are easily identified by their massive, muscular frames. They are descended from a maritime people that roamed the northern seas, though many of their ancestors turned their longships south to brave the crossing into Eorzean waters. Often considered a barbaric race, the fiercely competitive Roegadyn are also known for their compassion and unswerving loyalty. Many of the greatest warriors in history were born of Roegadyn stock.

New monsters: Siren and Death Claw

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