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More Details On Fire Emblem Fates’ Online Battle Mode



Players who imported Fire Emblem Fates have revealed more about the game’s online battle mode. As Siliconera reported earlier, the game will feature an online battle mode where players can join or host 5-on-5 deathmatch battles.


These battles can take place locally, via online, or through a player’s Friend’s List. They can also set rules that limit the effect of items in random online battles, and there is no fog of war present during the fights.


The online battle mode will feature seven maps: Opera House, Destroyed City, Palace (from Conquest’s Chapter 12), Decayed Fortress of the Black Dragon (similar to the one in Conquest’s Chapter 9), your My Castle creation, and the opposing player’s My Castle creation. All of these maps will have Dragon Vein mechanics that allow players to and interact with the terrain.


Of particular interest is what has happened to staves—their use is halved at the beginning of any online battle. In addition, a player can edit and save up to five different teams at a time.  You can find more details here, but be wary of spoilers.


Editor’s note: If you’re wondering why the menus in the game are in English, the YouTuber in the video above is using a hacked ROM for recording purposes. Now’s a good time to mention that Siliconera isn’t in support of tampering with this game at this early stage due to the associated piracy concerns. Were it not for the lack of Japanese online footage, we wouldn’t have referenced footage from a hacked version of the game.