A Mortician’s Tale Has Players Managing A Funeral Home




A Mortician’s Tale is a management game about running a mortuary, one where players will have to embalm or cremate bodies, attend funerals while consoling the mourners, and deal with the business side of death.


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As Charlie, a new graduate of a Funeral Director program, players will use realistic tools and procedures to prepare bodies. They will also talk with the mourners, learning their stories and seeing various sides of grief during the viewing. When not doing that, they’ll be working on the business side of things, transitioning from locally-owned business to a large-scale funeral conglomerate. 


A Mortician’s Tale claims it will be both informative and humorous as it runs player’s through the day-to-day life of a mortician, exploring many different sides of death and dying as a business.




A Mortician’s Tale is expected to have players embalming as soon as early 2017.

Alistair Wong
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