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Mothergunship Aims To Bring Bullet Hell Shot Arrays To First Person Shooters


Mothergunship mixes the frantic dodging of bullet hell shmups with the first person shooter genre, having players weave through dozens of rockets and laser blasts, tangle with onslaughts of deadly robots in arena combat, and shoot back with custom-made guns.


In Mothergunship, players are a part of a resistance force dealing with a mechanical alien invasion. Players will do this by hopping on board randomized alien ships and dealing with the forces within, facing hordes of enemies and defenses all firing at the player at the same time. Players will need to assess each new threat once aboard the ship, and keep moving as fast as possible to keep the dozens of on-screen shots from zeroing in on them.

Players will be shooting back with their own custom guns, giving them a little edge when the rockets are flying toward them. Mothergunship offers a modular crafting system, allowing players to attach a variety of parts to whichever gun they wish to create. From creating a twelve-barreled rocket launcher, a lightning shotgun, or just a pistol with a fish tank on it, the game intends to let players get creative with the various gun parts they find throughout the game.


Players will also be able to face the threat together in co-op, tackling what the developers tout as “some of the biggest bosses seen in the FPS genre.”

Mothergunship is currently in development for PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and players can follow its development on Steam and the game’s site.

Alistair Wong
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