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Mugen Souls Z Battle System Explained (Or How To Deal Ridiculous Damage)



    Compile Heart gave us a look at the battle system of their upcoming RPG, Mugen Souls Z, which will also be featuring giant robots and mechanical sharks as part of the mix.



    Mugen Soul Z uses by the Symbol Encounter system. The battles start when you touch an enemy on the field.


    Once you start a fight, this is what it looks like:



    The top left shows the special gauge, which is used to check the Chou-Chou energy along with servant and fever points. To the right of that is the turn order,  similar to what we’ve seen in Final Fantasy X and more recently in Shining Ark.


    The status section is the part you’ll be seeing the billions of HP and SP of each character. However, don’t get too confident with such high numbers, as you’ll also be taking just as much damage!



    The commands are: Attack, Skill, Item, Change, Run Away and Defend.There’s also a help bar right beneath, where it will show descriptions of each command. As the main character, Sylma will have her own special commands and each character will have their own unique skills.



    Four character combo attacks can be performed by aligning their turn order for a powerful team attack.


    Mugen Souls Z is slated to be released on April 25th, 2013.

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