A Multi-Use Magic Staff Solves Puzzles For A Cute Sorceress In Alwa’s Awakening



A large, interconnected world awaits in Alwa’s Awakening, and players will have to figure out which of the powers in Zoe’s staff will let her access al of its rooms and hidden places.




Players have to help cute sorceress Zoe through her journey to free the land of Alwa, choosing which of her magic spells will let her solve the puzzles at hand. Able to hurl lightning bolts, create blocks, or blow a floating bubble, she will use these abilities in creative ways to explore and survive 350 different rooms.




Zoe isn’t the only person down in this dungeon. There are other characters she can meet and do favors for, gaining more power and abilities from them that will help her get to new places. Similar power-ups will also be hidden throughout the varied catacombs.




Alwa’s Awakening is currently on Steam Greenlight and is expected to release this Winter.

Alistair Wong
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