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Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper Introduces How Arthur Gets Caught Up In A Serial Murder Case


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Nippon Ichi has released more info on the first chapter of Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper, their upcoming visual novel about private detective Arthur Hewitt, who begins to hallucinate Jack the Ripper as he investigates a serial murder case in London. This new info reveals just how he ends caught up in the case in the first place. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Chapter 1 – Mirror Murderer (Persona)

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A new serial murder case has sprung up in London, with people being murdered in the dark, and their valuables stolen. Despite the many murders, the London Police still have no inkling on who did it. When P.I. Arthur Hewitt stumbles across a crime scene as he begins to investigate the case for himself, he ends up being arrested as a possible suspect.


In order to prove his innocence, and to end the killing spree, Arthur begins to work with the London Police to chase after the killer.


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As Arthur investigates, he begins seeing visions of a seemingly-realistic self-proclaimed “Jack the Ripper”, who laughs at him and mocks him every step of the way.


“My my… You aren’t ever going to find the truth with deductions like those, you know, Detective?”

“Shut up, hallucination. I won’t be taking orders from a murderer.”


The detective and the murderer. Two very different people seem to take up residence in the same body, and with a mysterious passenger in tow, Arthur begins to head closer to the truth.


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Around this time, a new job request comes in at the Hewitt Detective Agency. A young lady by the name of Meryl Rose wants Arthur to tail her brother and investigate his whereabouts. It seems that her brother, Daryl Rose, heads out at night, and is earning big money somewhere.


Sensing the unsettling mood around Meryl, “Jack the Ripper” tells Arthur to take the case, but Arthur can’t easily slip out of the serial murderer case either, as he needs to prove his innocence.


Will he help the young lady, or work towards proving he’s not guilty? Arthur is faced with a tough choice.


Meryl Rose (CV: Ran Terai)

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A young lady living in London. When she hears about Hewitt Detective Agency, she comes to ask Arthur to investigate her brother. She’s timid and the type to keep her thoughts to herself, so she admires her brother for being strong-willed, aggressive as he may be.


Daryl Rose (CV: Ran Terai)

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Meryl’s brother. According to Meryl, he’s a brute but acts as a kind older brother to her. He heads out into London at night doing “work”, and is earning a lot of money. If Arthur takes up the request, he’ll have to follow Daryl on his way to his “job”.


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It seems that Meryl has been worried about Daryl, and she requests Arthur to keep the case low-profile.


Riley Rose and Carol Rose


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Meryl and Daryl’s parents. While they are loving towards Meryl, they have decided to ignore Daryl. Just what happened to make them go so far as to treat Daryl as if he’s not there?


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While the siblings are close, it seems there’s a big rift between Daryl and his parents, as Daryl even goes so far as to use violence on them.



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As you proceed through the main story, you’ll unlock sub-stories. Some are earned through normal progress, while some are unlocked by getting bad endings. Some will depend on what decisions you make in the story, and some might also unlock when you get closer to those characters.

There are more than 10 of these sub-stories, where you’ll be able to see a different side to some of the side characters, who get their day in the limelight in these sub-stories.


Murder Detective: Jack the Ripper releases in Japan for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on April 25, 2019. Check out the first trailer in the previous report here.

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