Musical-Horror Game Wailing Heights Steps Up To Steam Greenlight


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Developer Outsider Games has puts its musical-horror adventure game Wailing Heights on Steam Greenlight.


It has you playing as Frances Finklestein, the manager of deceased rock group The Deadbeats, who heads to the titular town to reunite the band in their undead state.

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The town itself is full of other strange monsters including vegan werewolves, hipster vampires, and Motown zombies.


Before she can do that, however, Finklestein is locked up in the Wailing Heights jail because she’s not one of the undead. It’s here that a fellow prisoner teaches her how to possess other people.

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You must use this ability to get Finklestein out of jail, possessing the denizens of Wailing Heights, making use of their various traits. And yes, this is a musical, remember, so there’s plenty of song-singing and musical jamboree along the way.

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