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Musically-Charged Platformer Electronic Super Joy Is Coming To Wii U


Broken Rules (the creator of Chasing Aurora, Secrets of Raetikon) is bringing Michael Todd’s musically-charged platformer Electronic Super Joy to Wii U on November 5th.


It has over 45 levels to beat as you try to take down the Evil Groove-Wizard from his tyrannical reign. All of the levels come with a pounding electronic soundtrack to hopefully keep up your energy levels to conquer them – you’ll need to be sharp to be victorious.


Not only that, but many of these levels are characteristically unique in their challenges, ranging from dealing with low-gravity and rotating worlds to running away from giant monsters and dodging swarming missiles.


Electronic Super Joy was originally released for PC in 2013 but has since come to iOS and Android too.

Chris Priestman
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