Muv-Luv Kickstarter’s Extra Money Being Used For More Game Translations



As the Kickstarter funding for localizations of the Muv-Luv series exceeded the base amount by a lot ($1,255,444 in total, but the goal was only $250,000), the extra money is being use to translate more visual novels.


The Muv-Luv Team revealed this in a Kickstarter update, saying the following: “We’ve been discussing what to do with any extra money raised, our plan is below. Since the Muv-Luv Team is really busy with the game improvements, English localization, and Schwarzesmarken anime work, creating brand new content in time for our targeted September release is tricky.”

What has been agreed upon, however, is that “Schwarzesmarken Visual Novel Demo” will be translated into English. The original anime is available on Crunchyroll but a lot of content has been cut from it. The aim of this demo will be to provide a detailed start to the story and the first Laserjagd mission of the 666th Squadron.


“If this bonus content is received well by the readers, then it will bring higher possibility in the near future the translation of both Schwarzesmarken games,” says the Muv-Luv Team.

It was also revealed that Teito Moyu sidestory will be translated into English with the remaining money made during the Kickstarter.


“As mentioned in one of our previous updates, Teito Moyu is a side story of Total Eclipse – it is the expanded version of the first two episodes of the anime. We’re very happy to have this as part of our releases, please look forward to it,” the Muv-Luv Team wrote.


It’s possible that a third translation project will be approved but first the Muv-Luv Team has to work out the expenses of shipping and producing of the Muv-Luv games. Once this is done, and if there’s enough leftover, this third project will be announced.

Chris Priestman