My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission Film Opens in Japan to Massive Success

World Heroes' Mission

World Heroes’ Mission, the third film in the My Hero Academia franchise, earned approximately 940 million yen (about $8.5 million) after only four days in theaters. It opened in Japanese theaters on August 6, 2021, and over 720,000 tickets were sold over the holiday weekend. (August 9, 2021 was Mountain Day in Japan.) [Thanks, Funimation and Oricon!]

This release is outpacing the second film in the franchise, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, by over 200%. Heroes Rising went on to earn a total of 1.79 billion yen (about $16.2 million), while the first film, My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, earned 1.72 billion yen (about $15.6 million) by the end of its theatrical run.

My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission tells the story of a mysterious organization threatening to destroy all people with superhuman abilities known as “Quirks.” Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki, and original character Rody are among those fighting this massive global threat, donning some stylish new stealth costumes to keep them under the enemies’ radar. Kohei Horikoshi, the original manga creator, served as chief supervisor and original character designer for the film.

World Heroes' Mission Stealth Suits

All five seasons of My Hero Academia are available to stream globally on Crunchyroll and Funimation. There is currently no official release date for My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission outside of Japan.

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