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My Hero One’s Justice 2 Is Great at Capturing Characters’ Personalities

my hero ones justice camie

My Hero Academia is a very character-driven series. Even though people like Deku clearly get a lot of attention, even the more minor characters have their moments and get to be stars. What’s especially great about My Hero One’s Justice 2 is how Byking, the developer, took the opportunity to really look at some of the new additions and do its best to convey who they are through the personalities and attacks. It feels like so many of the new people have these moments where fans can see a behavior and say, “I know what they’re doing that!”

Like I love how Camie interacts in battles. It perfectly captures her sort of carefree personality, as she sort of “prances” when she runs around. Also, it manages to really “get” her quirk, even though it is one that would otherwise be difficult to capture in a fighter. See, she has Glamour, which can cause illusions. So for her standard attack with it, she basically dazzles an enemy. She could exhale the cloud of dust and make herself look like a giant, which then squashes the enemy. Using a two bar Plus Ultra makes multiple versions of herself appear, one larger than usual, to attack and finally stomp on the enemy with a giant version of herself.

my hero ones justice 2 mina pinky

Mina is another character that My Hero One’s Justice 2 just gets. Now, her quirk is one that’s pretty easy to adapt for a video game. I mean, she uses acid. You can do all sorts of things with that for attacks. But what’s great here is how it is applied. She’s an incredibly energetic character and is known for being an amazing dancer. Specifically, she is amazing at break dancing. This doesn’t just come up in her introduction. Many of her standard and quirk-related attacks rely upon her sense of rhythm to fight back with kicks. It’s fun to see.

There’s also Sir Nighteye to consider. He’s in a weird position, as his quirk is Foresight. This means he can see the future. In the case of his quirk-related attacks, it can end up being more reactionary. Once activated, he counters when hit. With Mirai’s Plus Ultras, we see him make use of it, his tactical expertise and accuracy to basically dodge and humiliate an enemy, then assault them with his seals. (They even fly out faster when used than, say, the slower Wave Motion shockwaves Nejire uses.) But, at the same time, his demeanor mimics the whole businessman getup. He’ll look hunched over and beaten down when really he’s about to strike and attack.

my hero ones justice sir nighteye mir

Even Twice can have some fun elements. Namely, it’s great to see exactly how detailed My Hero One’s Justice gets when it comes to his measurements. In the original series, he’s a character with the duplication double quirk played for laughs, but with a dark backstory. Part of using it properly involves accurately measuring things, as he has to know the exact size. While the game takes liberty with the level of control he has over a double, because any duplicate would have a mind of its own, it still captures things perfectly. Even the Plus Ultra 2 has him going over the top with measuring a foe before unleashing the clone of them against them.

It feels like playing as some of My Hero One’s Justice 2 new characters is a reward for fans. Byking added these mannerisms and extra moves to them, which all call back to important parts about the people in the series. It’s like a bonus for everyone who pays attention.

My Hero One’s Justice 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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