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My Hero One’s Justice Customization Parts Can Be Constantly Rewarding


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Plenty of fighting games allow for some sort of character customization option. Perhaps you can choose from different color schemes or get different costumes for fighters. My Hero One’s Justice is no different. There is a rather full section where people can alter appearances and make a character their own. What is really nice about it here is how much there is to earn, change, and do.


In My Hero One’s Justice, it is rather easy to earn cosmetic bits as rewards. In story mode, you are practically guaranteed at least one item part based on a piece of a character’s costume after taking part in a fight where that person is prominently featured. (Three different color variations tend to be available, with different objectives unlocking different styles.) When you go through a Mission Mode, you might get certain bits and pieces as rewards for certain performances or score plateaus. For example, fighting Tenya during one match could unlock some sunglasses he was wearing during that fight. You are constantly getting more and more, and it feels going knowing you will definitely get at least one thing after a successful match. Adding DLC adds parts as well.


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Once you start getting these extras, you have a lot of variety when applying them. All character parts can work with any character. Those Tenya glasses I mentioned earlier could be worn by anyone, as could Izuku’s muffler. (Though, with a character like Himiko who has a piece of armor around her neck, that can limit options.) This means you have a little bit of freedom when creating characters. The main costume will look the same, but putting on head, face, neck/head, back, arm, and leg accessories could do enough to alter a character and make them look a little bit different. You can set these to up to three presets, which you can then choose from when you are selecting that character ahead of a match.


What is also cool is how this works with Himiko. This is a character who has a Quirk that allows her to copy other characters. If the opponent has a custom uniform with various accessories equipped, then she will copy that unique look when she transforms into that fighter. It is a very nice touch and I appreciated it when I noticed the change for the first time.


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I just wish the actual costumes were a little less expensive. You can usually earn a few hundred coins from fights and various missions. Outfits can only be acquired with coins. The most basic recolor, let’s say the monochromatic one as the example here, is 1,000 coins. Which is fine. You can easily earn that. But something that actually has a different physical appearance, like the school uniform that each student can unlock, is going to start at 6,000 coins. If you wanted to go with the most expensive recolor of a costume, say Kyoka’s Cute Uniform or Casual American Costume, that will be 10,000 each. It is daunting, especially considering these are just recolors of one of two different costume designs. (Though some characters, like Froppy, do have a third costume option that also has five recolors.)


My Hero One’s Justice customization options can make it feel like you are always making progress. Since Story Mode missions can have multiple accessories per fight, it offers a reason to return. Mission Mode having its own items also makes it even more rewarding. Even though earning new outfits can be a bit taxing and anticlimactic, getting the extra items to dress them up is really cool. (Especially if you later fight a Himiko player who steals your entire look.)


My Hero One’s Justice is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Jenni Lada
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