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My Hero One’s Justice Gets The Spirit Of The Characters And Series Right


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One of the first things I would recommend doing in My Hero’s One Justice is to go into the Training mode, pick you favorite member of the cast, and go to town. My Hero One’s Justice is not going to be one of the most in-depth fighting games released this year, but it could definitely get points for fun and personality. This is a game for fans of My Hero Academia, and it revels in its ability to portray the ways attacks work, people behave, and the damage that can be caused by them.


The structure of My Hero One’s Justice is great about creating a sense of ambiance and authenticity. With every sort of attack, characters Quirks are coming to life. The standard light attacks could have some basic punches and kicks, but then transition into ones showcasing their abilities as a combo continues. Two additional characters can join you as sidekicks, offering a helping hand with an attack. The campaign lets you see the story from the side of both the heroes and villains as Deku learns to make the best use of his powers, while the Mission Mode can actually feel like you are an in-training hero facing off against specific people in set situations to show you have mastered your abilities and are capable of becoming a fully-fledged hero.


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The Quirk usage works so well and comes through in a way that allows people to easily pull off these flashy feats. The two basic Quirk attacks are tied to two of the action buttons, with the third kicking in if you use the directional button while pressing, say, the circle button the DualShock 4. When you build up the gauge, you can initiate one of two Plus Ultra attacks by holding down the trigger while pressing one of the two Quirk buttons to execute a special move that has the character flexing their muscles, showcasing their ability, and perhaps absolutely devastating the opponent and earning a Plus Ultra finish if you manage to knock them out with the attack. Seeing these massive moves is incredible. Especially with someone like Kyoka, where it might be difficult to visualize her sound-based attacks, or Fumikage, where you might wonder how his Dark Shadow Quirk could work in a game. (It honestly made me think a little about Blue Dragon.) Seeing Deku charge his Quirks for attacks made the big hits feel even more satisfying. Though honestly, I feel like I might never master Uravity’s moves.


The way all of these fights alter and devastate the environment goes far in providing visual cues suggesting how powerful the My Hero One’s Justice characters’ Quirks are. You might wonder if Froppy’s tongue is really that strong, but seeing it completely destroy a cement pillar confirms it. Watching Creati’s midair weapon attacks against an opponent that send an opponent crashing into a wall, making decorations on it fall and furniture move, lets you feel the impact. Even better are the moments when it just plain defies reality and has an attack like Shoto’s fire blast or ice attacks jam someone into a wall, lets you continue beating up the person while they’re trapped, then suddenly make that wall into a floor temporarily as you attack one another in midair.


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I even felt like the customization options are another way My Hero One’s Justice can cater to fans. These are up and coming heroes forming their identities. Getting to add on different parts that change their look or swapping to things like school uniforms, then heading to one of the U.A. High School locations to fight makes it seem like this is normal training and preparation. It may sound silly, but it made the idea of earning new parts and changing looks more enjoyable to think of them developing their looks as they defined themselves as heroes.


My Hero One’s Justice is great when it tries to cater to the people who would be most likely to want and love it. When we get to see characters ham it up, impressive Quirk usage, devastated environments that remain damaged, and lots of customization options, it can be so satisfying. If people love the characters, they might find themselves overjoyed at the prospect of seeing them in action in this way.


My Hero One’s Justice will come to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 26, 2018.

Jenni Lada
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