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My Hero One’s Justice Inasa Yoarashi DLC Arrives On November 14, 2018


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Get ready for Gale Force! My Hero One’s Justice Inasa Yoarashi DLC now has a release date, following an appearance in Jump magazine. The character will join the cast on November 14, 2018. People will be able to buy him to make him a playable fighter, as well as grab his mission that will add items and accessories.


Inasa’s Quirk is whirlwind, which is why his hero name is Gale Force. He originally applied to U.A. High School, but instead decided to go to Shiketsu High School, a similar school that is located in the West. He is a very energetic and passionate person who manipulates wind and uses it for his attacks. He is primarily a long-range attacker.


While Inasa does not yet have his own trailer, he has received three official screenshots.


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My Hero One’s Justice is immediately available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Gale Force’s playable character and official mission DLC will arrive on November 14, 2018. The character should be $2.99, while the mission will likely be $1.99, as those were the price points for past add-ons.

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