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My Hero One’s Justice Villain Story Mode Helps Show Parallels Between Characters


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When talking about My Hero One’s Justice before, I have mentioned how good Byking was at understanding how this is an ensemble piece. Deku and All Might are important, but so are the secondary students and teachers present at U.A. High School. But this is also a game where many of the series’ major villains, like All for One, Tomura Shigaraki, Stain, and Himiko Toga. It would have been easy to just have them playable and included as part of the game because of the heroes’ campaign. But by having a Villain side to unlock, we get a better idea of people’s motivations and personalities.


In My Hero One Academia, we are following and rooting for Izuru Midoriya to become a hero like his hero and mentor, All Might. But at the same time he is rising to power, a villain is becoming an up-and-comer. Tomura is following in the footsteps of All for One. Both the mode and All for One are unlocked after beating the main campaign, giving you access to a campaign showing how Tomura rises to power and the desire of the League of Villains to topple heroes. We begin by seeing Stain, a villain who kills heroes he deems unworthy, being approached by Kurogiri to help Tomura grow and defeat his enemies. Stain initially refuses, which leads to the player fighting Tomura as Stain. Once the fight is over, Stain acquiesces to his strength. After seeing his segments and side of the story, we see Tomura’s ranks grow as he brings on people like Dabi, Himiko, and Muscular. We see a whole new group building, just as we did in the heroic side of the story.




Like the hero campaign, My Hero One’s Justice is good at giving each villain screen time. The first few portions focus on Stain, showing him fighting Tomura before offering a look at the fight against Tenya that appears in the heroic campaign, then letting us live through the Field Training Arc of My Hero Academia. When Dabi and Himiko join Tomora, we see them fight Tomora and one another, testing each other. We get to see and understand how each of their Quirks benefit them. We get an idea of how damaged and twisted they might be. Also, we have an idea of how much more difficult it is to create a villainous group of people who would work together to do harm, as opposed to a altruistic group where bonds might form more naturally and be stronger.


It is also important for a villain like Himiko. She is a character with an unusual Quirk. Transform lets her change into another character if she drinks their blood, which she gets by using her blood draining machine to sap her foes. In My Hero Academia, we see this only allowing her to duplicate the other person’s physical appearance and voice. In My Hero One’s Justice, it lets her also use the person’s Quirk when she is in that form. For example, if she was fighting Shoto and used her Quirk, she could temporarily turn into him and use his fire powers. This is in addition to her knife attacks, which were established in the original series. This could be a case of embellishing on the character to make her a more interesting fighter in My Hero One’s Justice. Even so, it might get people thinking about her in a new way.


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As for All for One, unlocking and using him can just feel fun. After all, this is a villain whose Quirk lets him steal other people’s Quirks if he touches them. When he dashes, he actually levitates, showing off his Air Walk Quirk he has stolen. His distance attacks send out black spikes to an opponent, appearing to mimic his Forcible Quirk Activation ability without the whole forcing a person to use their skill. He uses Air Cannon regularly for shockwaves that send foes flying. For one of his specials we see a shadowy figure as his arm triples in size for a Hypertrophy punch. There is such a wide range of abilities with this character and the game does a fantastic job of showing off how devastating they are and how much he is capable of.


My Hero One’s Justice’s villain campaign shows off its range. People may have had an idea of what was going on with the League of Villains during the manga or anime series. Each one does take its time to develop these characters. But this gives us a little extra time, as well as the ability to see practical applications of these Quirks. It even lets us see Himiko’s skills in a different way and appreciate All for One’s diverse moveset. It really might open people’s eyes.


My Hero One’s Justice is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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