A Mysterious Forest Has Ties To A Deadly Epidemic In This Visual Novel



Chester, a man afflicted with a deadly disease known as Enigma, awakens to find himself washed up on the shores of a strange island. The people there have no knowledge of the illness that is afflicting the world’s people, but a mysterious, dangerous forest there carries the same name as the disease in Enigma.




Chester is able to interact with the people on the island, probing them on why none of them seem to know anything about the illness that’s affecting the rest of the world. He’ll also be able to seek information on the dangerous forest, which is rumored to devour people, hopefully finding the connection between the wood and the disease.


The actions the players take with the characters will help Chester develop a bond with them, and also dictate which of the game’s multiple endings they unlock. Chester may find some disturbing things about the people and forest along the way, though.




Enigma is available on Steam, and comes with its soundtrack for anyone who purchases it.

Alistair Wong
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