Mystery, Horror Adventure The Count Lucanor Aims For A March Release


Indie studio Baroque Decay has released a new trailer for its mystery and horror adventure The Count Lucanor, which it hopes to release for PC this March. You can watch it above.


Francisco Calvelo, the head at Baroque Decay, notes that the studio is now focusing on creating this game rather than its other in-development horror title Catequesis. A reason as to why this decision has been made wasn’t given.


The Count Lucanor follows a boy called Hans who leaves home in search of adventure. At one point he follows a kobold into a spooky castle where he becomes trapped and must try to work out the kobold’s name on his way to becoming the new Count Lucanor.


The game’s retro looks are said to be halfway-between-8-and-16-bit style, while the gameplay involves exploring the castle (putting candles on the ground helps you find your way), avoiding traps, hiding from enemies, and solving item-based puzzles.


Other features include chiptune versions of Bach songs as the soundtrack, throwing coins into fountains to save your game, a final boss that you don’t even have to fight (if you can work out how), and five different endings.

Chris Priestman