Mystery Visual Novel Bloody Chronicles Is Now On Steam Greenlight


Igrasil Visual Studio is a new studio formed of fans who spent years playing visual novels like Grisaia no Kajitsu, Fate Stay Night, Kanon and wanted to make their own.


Now they are, and their debut is Bloody Chronicles – a three-part series with the first one, Act 1 – New Cycle of Death, now on Steam Greenlight. As well as PC, the plan is to bring it to Android and Windows Phone too.

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The plan is for all three parts of the Bloody Chronicles games to add up to over 80 hours of playtime. Decisions made across all three parts will affect the ending. And you’ll be able to talk to characters to get closer to them and learn their personal stories if you wish.


Here’s the plot summary:


“The plot focuses on the character of Kazuki who lost his parents in an accident. After graduating from the police academy he was recruited by the non-governmental organization Igrasil which solves murders the police deem are impossible to explain due to lack of evidence.
Kazuki’s partners in the organization include the crazy and funny Ishikawa siblings; Kaoru Moriyama, the daughter of a millionaire and the founder of the whole organization; and Suzumi, the head of the organization who is responsible for making all the major decisions.”

Chris Priestman