Mystic Destinies Will Let You Fall In Love With Magic Boys

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Star Maiden Games is hoping to rival the storytelling quality of popular otome visual novel developers with its first entry into the genre. It’s called Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons and it’s currently on Kickstarter.


It’ll have you following “an intelligent and practical nineteen-year old girl” as she attends her first year in a Japanese university. She plans on studying hard and taking over the business of her mother’s new wealthy husband.


But then her mother reveals that she isn’t human. The girl is actually a homonculus created in her mother’s image so that she may take on her curse of immortality, as well as the sorceress powers that come with it. After her mother awakens her powers through a ritual, the girl then discovers that the university has courses for supernatural students – then things go awry.


“Through your new mystical classes, you’re informed about a threat to you that requires you to team up with a partner until you can get your powers under control,” reads the story description. “Along the way, you’ll both learn to hone your powers as you fight intense battles. But as the semester wears on, you’ll also become closer as classmates – and maybe even lovers.”


Star Maiden is hoping to supply five potential romantic interests with three different endings. Mystic Destinies will be released episodically on mobile and PC with the prologue and first chapter being available for free.


The $2,000 being sought on the Kickstarter will be used to hire a programmer for the game as Star Maiden consists only of artists and musicians. If that funding goal is exceeded there’s a chance that voice acting, more skin tones, and a protagonist’s whose personality develops with your choices could be added.

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