Mystiqa Kickstarter Attempting to Fund Switch Port and Hiroki Kikuta Theme Song


Mystiqa, an action-RPG that is already confirmed for a PC release in September 2020, is heading to Kickstarter to attempt to fund an additional port and bolster its soundtrack. Julian Creutz, the developer of The Legend of Zelda-inspired game, is seeking $3,912 to get a soundtrack by Dale North, then use stretch goals to get a Nintendo Switch dev kit to create a port and the funding needed for a song by Hiroki Kikuta.

There are multiple stretch goals for the Mystiqa Kickstarter. $5,000 would lead to boss theme songs and daily challenges, $7,500 would bring it to the Nintendo Switch and get it an Arcade Mode. One of the most notable involves Kikuta, who has worked on the soundtracks for Mana games like Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, and Rise of Mana. He has been on the same video game soundtrack as North once before, with RosePortal Games’ Unraveled: Tale of the Shipbreaker’s Daughter. Most recently, he composed the soundtrack for Indivisible. If it reaches $10,000, he’ll create the title theme song.

In Mystiqa, players work alone or with up to three other people locally to attempt to get through a procedurally-generated world filled with monsters. Players will need to use both standard weapons and magic to defeat opponents and gather new equipment that will help them stay alive. Backing it on Kickstarter for €10 (~$12) will give people a digital copy of the game and its soundtrack.

Mystiqa will come to PCs in September 2020. If its crowdfunding campaign succeeds, a Nintendo Switch version will also eventually be released.

Jenni Lada
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