Myth Is A Visual Novel Mixture Of Horror And Norse Mythology



Horror visual novel Myth borrows from Norse mythology as it takes its lead character, Meito Tanabe, from a world of pure light into a frightening land of shadows.




In Meito Tanabe’s world, there is no darkness whatsoever. Not even so much as a shadow exists. That changes when he meets Shimon, the one person in his world that possesses a shadow, who eventually brings him to the shadow world she hails from. From here, his journey into a twisting, frightening darkness begins.


Myth offers a note system and character relationship chart, touting a story that is so complex that players will need them to keep track of the dense narrative.




Myth is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!