Nairi Presents Players With Puzzles In An Oasis Filled With Cute Animals



Point & clicker Nairi takes players to a desert oasis, having them take on the role of an upper class girl who’s been separated from her family. By solving puzzles and making friends with the adorable animal people she meets, the player can help keep her safe and uncover some of the mysteries of the city of Shirin.




Like other games of its genre, Nairi requires players find (or purchase in-game) items, solving various problems by giving people the things they require. Some items may need to be used together to complete a given task, such as giving a bunny a mixture of chocolate and carrot to solve his issues.


The city of Shirin is surrounded by dungeons, which feature more brainteaser-style puzzles for players to solve rather than expecting them to locate specific items. The developers claim these puzzles will be more challenging than what is in the overworld, but will offer a hint system to ensure players don’t get stuck. Using incorrect items is also designed to offer helpful feedback to steer the player in the right direction.




The city of Shirin is designed as a logical city, with various social classes and activities placed throughout. The more wealthy live closer to the city’s water source, with poorer, sometimes more dangerous folk living further away. The entire city hides many mysteries for the player to find, though, so they will need to explore all of its places no matter how unsafe.


Dangerous as some of them are, the game’s people are all designed around animals, providing several cute characters for Nairi to interact with. Some of her conversations with these people, and her decision to help them or not, will also steer the story in different directions.



Nairi is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and is projected to release in March 2017.

Alistair Wong
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