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Natsuiro High School Shows All The Activities You Can Take Part In On The Island



Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho takes place on an open-world island, where you’ll get to go fishing, check out stores, meet people, and more importantly—take a bunch of pictures of them. The latest trailer for the game gives us a tour of the island.



The video starts out with the protagonist making a call to inquire about Yumegashima, an island where he’ll be transferring to attend school for the next three months. It’s described as an island of freedom. Since it’s an open-world-ish game, you can visit the school and all kinds of other areas as well. You can use a bicycle to get around most places, and following that we get to see a little bit of the school’s interior.


The classroom the protagonist will attend has 29 students, and they’re all said to be good kids.


When asked if he has any interests, the protagonist says that he’s into photography, and is told that the journalism club would be a good fit for him—plus, its members consist of only girls. You’ll meet other students from different clubs like the American foreign exchange student of the cheerleading club, Naomi Thunders, the track and field ace Hikaru Yukimura, and others.


There are over 150 characters that are part of quests and various interactions on the island. They might not speak much at first, but once you take on quests, you’ll grow your bond with the folk of Yumegashima.


When you’re not at school, you can check out the antique shop for all kinds of items, get a new look at the barber shop, go fishing by the shore, or just explore the island to enjoy some sights; however, you might want to be careful out there, since there are cops who’ll arrest you if you don’t mind your manners.


There’s also a legend on Yumegashima, where you can actually talk to God. They say that only some people are actually able to see him, and he can make all kinds of wishes come true… such as making everyone’s clothing items disappear for a while.


In the Fall, there’s a special school festival event, where you’ll get a chance to meet a famous idol. You can spend your time checking out the island, hanging out with friends, or even get close to girls to go on dates with, if you play your cards right.


Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho will release in Japan on June 4, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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