snightds.jpgNorth America is just getting into Summon Night: Twin Age, but Japan moved on to ports of original Summon Night games. Summon Night for the DS was released this past April. About four months later Summon Night 2 will come out on August 7 with mini-games. The preview video on the official site (click on the right most option with a pink “mu” in katakana) has a brief glimpse of them, dual screen attacks, and some of the anime scenes. It sounds like Summon Night 2 will also retain some amount of voice acting like the Nintendo DS port of Summon Night.


Namco Bandai has not announced if they plan to publish the Summon Night series in North America and Atlus hasn’t said anything about the core series. However, out of the two potential publishers Summon Night 1 and Summon Night 2 are up Atlus’ ally. Not only do they have experience with the franchise, the main Summon Night games are strategy RPGs with “adventure” parts where you talk to the other characters. Time will tell if Atlus or anyone else localizes the rest of the Summon Night series, but if you pre-order the Japanese version you get the Summon Night Magical Disc II, a DVD with animated movies and commercials.


Images courtesy of Namco Bandai.

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