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Namco Bandai Has Feedback From 20,000 God Eater 2 Fans Already



Namco Bandai have revealed that upcoming action RPG God Eater 2 is already undergoing tweaks and changes well before its November 14th release date in Japan.


The company polled some 20,000 gamers who tried out the demo title and have incorporated some of their suggestions and advice. The most obvious will be three selectable levels of difficulty, called “Coffee Break”, “Slowly Chilled Water” and “Thunderous Icy Waterfall”


God Eater 2 follows in the steps of other recent Japanese titles, which have called for fan feedback during the development process, such as Bravely Default and Toukiden, both of which used their respective demos to gauge feedback from players.


Players can check out the tweaks by heading down to special in-store promotional areas across Japan, which will feature the three levels of difficulty alongside gameplay from the Tokyo Game Show demo. For a full list of locations and times, please refer to this 4Gamer list.


God Eater 2 will be out for the PlayStation Vita and PSP November 14th in Japan.