Namco Bandai Introduces Four Characters In Tales Of Link

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Namco Bandai have been quite busy registering trademarks this month, but the only Tales game that has been formally announced thus far is Tales of Symophonia Chronicles. Jump brings us news about Tales of Link, a Tales game for smartphones, and the main characters in it.



“Important note for starters: Never give up!”


Sara is a new adventurer who left her village for a certain reason. She meets Rippi along her journey, as they both search for the “Savior”. The way she dresses really stands out. She also wears bloomers.



“I’ve witnessed your power earlier. You must be the Savior.”


Rippi is a fairy who’s been ordered by Leone to recover the “Seed of Disaster”. She serves under the Savior, who has the ability to purify the seed. Rippi has the appearance of a hairy Mormo, who walks on four legs, and also carries a smartphone around its neck.



“What’s the difference between the power to protect, and the power to destroy? They’re both violent.”


Shiza is a swordsman, whom the Saviors in charge of purifying the Seed of Disaster meet along their journey. He seems to have tenacious thoughts about power. Shiza’s appearance is characterized by his multiple swords he carries: a great sword on his back, three katanas on his wasit, and two kodachi swords.



“The disaster will be stopped by all means. I will stop it.”


Leone is a goddess who managed to escape her troubles when the Seed of Disaster’s seal came undone. In order to suppress the seed from blooming, she currently isn’t able to move. She has then passed on her powers to the fairy Rippi, who has been entrusted to recover the Seed of Disaster.


Jump also reports that there’s a possibility we’ll be seeing past Tales characters in the game. The fairy Rippi will also have the ability to change into different forms.


Tales of Link is scheduled for release this fall on smartphone devices.

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