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Namco Bandai’s Next Title Is A 3DS Game Based On The Film SPEC: Heaven



It has been revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, that Namco Bandai are currently developing a 3DS game based on the 2012 hit thriller comedy film, SPEC: Heaven. The movie is about a duo of a high IQ detective and her distinguished partner who solve cases by postulating the “SPEC” of criminals in order to arrest them.


The 3DS game will alternate between visual novel parts and command-based adventure parts with pixelated character sprites. SPEC: Heaven’s story will also be supervised by the original writer of the film Yumie Nishiogi, producers Hiroki Ueda and Natsuki Imai. The magazine issue also reveals the game will feature automatic feed for texts, backlog, glossary and tips


Erika Toda and Ryo Kase, the two starring actors from the film are said to have appeared in a photo op for the game, however, it has yet to be revealed whether they’ll be part of it or if the 3DS game will follow the same storyline.


SPEC: Heaven is slated for release in October 3rd for Nintendo 3DS.


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