Name Your Price For The Shovel Knight: Plague Of Shadows Soundtrack



Jake "virt" Kaufman has released his 8-bit soundtrack to the newly released Plague of Shadows expansion to Shovel Knight.  You can purchase it for whatever price you’d like over on Bandcamp.


Included in the soundtrack are Kaufman’s 10 original tracks as well as a few remixes. Plus, there’s a new vocal arrangement titled "Alchemy" that marks the debut of Mint Potion, a sound production team comprised of Kaufman and vocalist Dale "CorgiKing" North.


“This soulful jam explores a surprising side of Plague Knight and combines Jake’s funky compositional style, Dale’s silky-smooth vocals, and live strings performed by Jeff Ball. Mint Potion is looking forward to contributing to soundtracks both big and small in the future,” reads the description.

Chris Priestman