Nanami Joins English DOA XVV Cast of Characters

Nanami Joins English DOA XVV Cast of Characters

Over a year after her Japanese debut, Nanami is the newest one of the DOA XVV characters in the English version of the game. She is an original heroine. Part of her backstory involves her being a friend of Misaki, which means she also knows Misaki’s big sister Nagisa.

The paid V-Stones Star Outfit Gacha for Nanami involves the DOA XVV character’s Twilight Time SSR swimsuit. Her SR Acai and Fashionable One-Piece will also be there. If you get her SSR, you get one bromide of her. After her skill awakening for the suit Twilight Time is maxed out, you get the skill Stamina from Within 6 and a second bromide.

There is also a Once Again, Nice to Meet You event starring Nanami and other DOA XVV characters. It involves event episodes, an SSR accessory ticket vol. 1 to use, a shiny deco-pen, a key to the heart, and Hidden Power deco-bromides for Misaki, Nanami, and Patty. The first part of this event is available until May 6, 2022. The Silver Twilight Coin Event Shop will also include an Angel Bouquet bikini for Nanami.

Here’s the trailer for Nanami. English subtitles are available.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation is available in English on PCs via Johren and Steam. The DOA XVV Nanami Star Outfit Gacha banner is available until May 11, 2022.

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