Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project Season Pass Holders Get Next DLC Chapter Early



Season pass holders for visual novel Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project have gotten the next DLC chapter, “A Little Iris”, before it goes up for purchase for everyone else.




Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project builds upon the original two games (which are free on Steam), updating artwork and voice acting as it brings the games to an audience outside Japan. The base package offers three games, with a further three more scenarios coming.




“A Little Iris” is the first of these scenarios, telling a side story set in Medieval Europe, exploring “what it means to desire to live, or die.” The developers say this scenario will be available to the public soon.




Narcissu is a visual novel series that explores terminal illness, living, dying, and the relationship between the dying and those who’ll be left behind.

Alistair Wong
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