Natural Doctrine Allows You To Die In Later Stages, But It Won’t Get Any Easier

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Natural Doctrine producer Kensuke Tanaka recently shared his enthusiasm for the SRPG genre, and how he’d like to see it evolve with the upcoming game. In the game’s latest update, courtesy of, we’re introduced to a new character, along with some details on the change of death, later in the game.





Ingobert is a sage who is capable of using powerful magic, and is also a member of the senate. He is proud and elite, and makes no attempt to hide his discrimination towards the lower-class citizenry.  He seems to have some sort of plan going on, related to the Grion.


In case you’re wondering, the Grion are heteromorphic monsters that go against humans and demi-humans.


From the start of Natural Doctrine until sometime in the middle stages, when one of your characters die, you’ll see the game over screen. However, towards the latter part of the game there will be a change.


If one of your characters dies, you won’t get a game over and you’ll have to try finishing the fight with the remaining members. However, that only means you’ll be facing the fierce attacks from the Grion, and there may even be some parts where you might have no other choice but to sacrifice some of your allies.


Natural Doctrine will be released on March 19, 2014 for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

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