A Naughty Knockoff Of Summer Lesson Already Announced For VR



Illusion, Japanese developers known for creating 18 and over games, has announced that they’re entering the VR market with VR Kanojo, which looks a lot like a naughtier Summer Lesson. And in case you’re worried, everything from the game’s official website is pretty safe for work, with only a few suggestive poses.


The announcement comes from the official website that recently launched, and also in English, meaning that there are likely plans to release the game outside of Japan for the Western audience.


Sakura Yuhi:


Name : Sakura Yuhi She lives in your neighborhood.

Stature : 162cm , Weight : Secret , Vital statistics : Secret
She is bright and cheerful, the get along with anyone type.
She has an eye for sweet things, her recent favorite is “Chocolate Bocky”.



I was asked to live in the neighborhood to help her study,
spend time with her proudly, we visited the house.
Rapidly approaching a close relationship with her!
Of course, I’m waiting to progress to the indecent part!


As you can gather from the story and even the character’s looks alone, everything about VR Kanojo screams Summer Lesson; however, Illusion has worked on virtual girlfriend games before with the likes of Real Kanojo, and this new game is basically going to be something similar but in VR.


Here’s a demonstration movie:


Along with a 360-degree demo video:


Those of you who were hoping to be able to get more intimate with characters in Summer Lesson might be out of luck, but perhaps you’ll find VR Kanojo a little more to your liking when it releases in January 2017.

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