Navigate Conflicting Viewpoints & Turn-Based Battles In Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond


Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond will have players controlling six knights who have sworn to defend the heir to House Levant, but due to their differing backgrounds, morals, and opinions, and the decisions the players make based on them, they may find allies becoming enemies.


The six main characters of Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond are tasked with protecting Lord Alain Levant’s heir, but when the Lord passes away suddenly, the knights are forced to govern things until his child can come of age. Now, the child is eight years old, and the six knights are still trying to guide her despite their differing viewpoints, and all while sinister plans are set in motion from those who wish to gain power.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond is a sequel to Celestian Tales: Old North, and can use saves from the previous game to carry over relationships between characters and other elements of the previous game, or let new players choose some story elements to begin this new title.


Players will face down enemies in turn-based combat, using an array of character-specific moves to tear their enemies apart. Players can feel free to go all out in any given fight, as they will be healed back to full when the battle ends, and experience will be awarded to all party members. Some enemies are vulnerable to different tactics and moves, though, which players can customize on each of their fighters.

Players won’t face all of their enemies in battle, though. Some can be found through how they play through the storyline, with key decisions taking the narrative in different directions or altering their relationships with the game’s many characters. With six different viewpoints pulling the player in many ways, Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond looks to offer a complex narrative of plots and intrigue.


Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond is currently raising funding on Kickstarter, and is projected to release in Winter 2018. A demo is also available through the fundraising campaign.

Alistair Wong
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