NCSoft’s Confirms That Master X Master Is Launching In 2016


With the western launch of Blade & Soul behind it, NCSoft West is now tooting the horn of its upcoming action-MOBA Master X Master. There’s a new trailer above.


Previously, it was known that Master X Master would be getting a global open beta in the first half of 2016. It was also expected to launch in later 2016.


NCSoft West has now reaffirmed this by saying Master X Master will hit European and North American shores in the second half of 2016. No more news has been given yet but there is a newsletter you can sign-up to on its website.


Master X Master has a unique Tag System that lets you quickly swap between two chosen Masters during combat. There are 30 of these Masters to choose from and they include some characters from other NCSoft games like Blade & Soul, Guild Wars 2, and Lineage.


Altogether that means there are hundreds of possible Master combinations that offer different tactics during matches. The game features PvE and PvP modes and they both have co-op options.

Chris Priestman