NCSoft’s MOBA Master X Master Will Get A Global Open Beta In 2016


During NCSoft’s 2nd quarter 2015 financial report, it was said that Master X Master – the company’s upcoming PC MOBA – is planned to have a global open beta in the first half of 2016 (thanks MMOSite). Further, the full game is expected to launch later on in 2016.


Master X Master is a sci-fi shooter MOBA with both PvP and PvE modes both of which have a Tag System, which lets you switch between two characters, with the one you’re not using able to slowly regenerate their health. Speaking of which, Master X Master features characters from NCSoft’s other titles, including Blade & Soul, Lineage, and Aion.


The PvE in Master X Master is designed for you to train your heroes and learn their skills. The PvP is, of course, the main mode, with matches designed to last for about 10 minutes. There are a variety of match options available too, including team deathmatch, point control, and Ruins of the Titan in which you summon a Titans to defeat a monster on a three-lane map. There are also PvP mini-games to try out.


Currently, Master X Master is in closed beta in Korea.

Chris Priestman