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Necrosphere Uses Two Buttons to Control Its Ultra-Hard Platforming


Agent Terry Cooper has died, finding himself in a hostile afterlife filled with spikes and lethal contraptions. Should he be able to use his jet pack and short dashing ability skillfully, though, he may be able to make his way back to the living world in highly-challenging platformer Necrosphere.


Terry can use a short dash and a jet pack with limited fuel, each of which is mapped to a button. With these, players will have to manage bouncing around spike-lined hallways, slip through chains of fireballs, and activate mechanisms that will open the way to safety without a single failure. Each of these challenging stages are also interconnected, adding a Metroidvania-like layer of exploration to the vicious platformer.

Should the game’s already-difficult stages prove too easy, players can download the game’s deluxe edition, which features Terry’s Dream, a bonus area that is meant to push players even harder with some chase sequences and stages with very, very short windows to complete them.


Necrosphere is available now on Steam,, and GameJolt. It is also slated to release on PS4, Vita, and Xbox One in the next few months.

Alistair Wong
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