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All You Need Are Guns And Panties To Take Out Tanks In Bullet Girls



In D3 Publisher and Shade’s upcoming action shooting game, you’ll play as high school girls of the Ranger Corps who train to become more efficient soldiers for the military. Their latest video teaches us what they’re all about, and all the rough training that awaits.


After the Hollywood movie-like opening, a couple girls of the Ranger Corps talk a little about their organization while showing off some of their comrades. At the 2:00 mark, we get a look at some of the missions.


After clearing the required missions, there are called the Code Missions which are required to continue advancing in the game. In these missions, you might occasionally go against fellow club members, but it’s okay, there’s no hard feelings between the girls.


At 2:40 they talk about the weapons. Each character can hold up to four different weapons at a time, ranging from sniper rifles to bazookas. Next they show the girls taking out different vehicles.


According to the Ranger Corps girl, these vehicles might be… big, hard, and scary, but if you can look at their attack pattern and avoid shots, it shouldn’t be a problem to shoot them down with some heavy weapons.


Next, at the 3:55 mark, we get to see the undergarment changing feature. These undies have different stat effects like HP boosts and attack up, which can be mixed and matched with their impressive number of over 1,600 possible combinations.


As we all know, being part of the military involves the risk of possibly being captured and interrogated by enemies. However, the girls of Bullet Girls get a special training just in case that ever happens. This involves groping… and placing strange objects on the girls, as seen at 4:38.


Bullet Girls will be released on August 21, 2014 in Japan for PlayStation Vita. You can also check out all their latest pre-order undergarment bonuses in our earlier report.

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