Need Help Optimizing Your Damage In Final Fantasy Record Keeper? Check Out This Guide



If you’re looking for a guide to help you through Final Fantasy Record Keeper, especially if you’re just starting out, then there’s a comprehensive one for exactly that.


It was put together by Reddit user “keytsang,” started in April, but recently discontinued due to there apparently being “more accurate information other than [their] self-testing experience,” as well as them now lacking computer access.


Even so, the spreadsheet contains a lot of valuable information and has it all in one place for your convenience and is made easy to read. Overall, the spreadsheet best details how to optimize your damage in both the Japan and international versions of Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It covers Record Materia and their effects, and breaks down Abilities and Soul Breaks.


You can check out the spreadsheet right here. Note obviously that it may become outdated as time goes on as it’s not longer been maintained.

Chris Priestman