Nintendo 3DS

Need A New House? Harvest Moon: Connect To A New Land’s Gazer Is Your Man



Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land has plenty of folks you’ll need to talk to and get used to—and not all of them are marriage candidates. Take today’s introduction of the carpenter and his wife, who you’ll get to know intimately while trying to upgrade your house.


Gazer is the carpenter of the town and the man you’ll have renovating the house or possibly building other things such as extensions as well. He’s a calm man and is trusted by everyone who knows him to do a solid job with his tools and trade.


Meanwhile, Chrawne is the wife of Gazer, and runs the shop in general. Even if she or her husband makes a mistake, she takes things in stride. You might notice she seems rather young compared to her husband. Somewhere along the line, she fell completely in love with his works and their mutual love and respect climbed over the problem of age. Who said things can’t have a happy ending?


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land will be out on Nintendo 3DS February 2014.


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