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Neko Tomo Demo Gives People Angel And Devil Costumes




People with Japanese Nintendo 3DS systems or a Japanese eShop account on their Nintendo Switch may want to head to the eShop today. The Bandai Namco Neko Tomo demo has been released. People can have an opportunity to play with two kittens and earn two costumes for the full version of the game. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)


The Neko Tomo demo is 265MB on the Nintendo Switch. (If you are having trouble finding it, it is under the featured Coming Soon game category and its icon has a green demo notice on it.) Once you load it up, you start from the very beginning. Nekoko arrives at your house, wearing a clock medallion, and you get to name and begin building a bond with the character. It holds your hand for a while, but is very text heavy.


Once you have played the Neko Tomo demo, you receive Angel and Devil costumes to use with Nekoko and Tomomo, the two kittens, in the full version of the game. These can not be used in the demo, and the letter can only be entered in the full game. I recommend waiting until you have a bit of time, as you can play it for an hour and I did not see any save point in my brief dabbling with it.


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In addition to the demo announcement, there was also an update made about the Nintendo 3DS version’s release date. It will no longer release on November 1, 2018. Instead, it has a general Winter 2018 release date.


Neko Tomo will come to the Nintendo Switch in Japan on November 1, 2018 and the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in Winter 2018.

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