Nekopara Anime Series An-nya-unced, Master!


nekopara 4

Neko Works revealed today at Comiket 95 that their purr-pular Nekopara visual novel series is getting an anime series. Fur real.


Check out their an-nya-uncement Tweet below:


The Nekopara series tells the tail of young pastry chef Kashou Minazuki, who moves out to open a patisserie called “La Soleil”. While packing up, he happens upon Chocola and Vanilla, two catgirls who plead to come along with him. Soon, he meets plenty of other catgirls who all end up helping out at La Soleil.


This is not the fur-st animated venture the series has received. Previously, the series got an OVA that was crowdfunded via Kickstarter, which claw release last year.


Vol. 1-3 of the Nekopara series has been released on PC, with Vol. 4 currently in the works. The first game is also out meow on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with the second game coming in February 2019.

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