Nekopara Vol. 4 Title An-nya-unced; Anime Series Gets Mew Trailer


    nekopara vol4

    Fur-lier today, Neko Works an-nya-unced the title for Nekopara Vol. 4, which was announced way back in 2017. The mew game will be subtitled The Cat & Noel the Patissier, and purr-ther details will be revealed in the future.


    Additionally, a claw-new trailer has been released for the Nekopara anime, which will premiere at Anime Expo next week. Check it out below:


    Animation is being produced by FelixFilm, which also had a paw in creating the OVA a while back. Additionally, here are the voice actors for the key characters below:

    Chocola: Yuki Yagi

    Vanilla: Iori Saeki

    Azuki: Shiori Izawa

    Maple: Miku Itou

    Cinnamon: Yuri Noguchi

    Coconut: Marin Mizutani

    Shigure Minaduki: M.A.O.

    Kashou Minaduki: Shinnosuke Tachibana


    Nekopara Vol. 4 is in development. The Nekopara anime will premiere at Anime Expo 2019 on July 6, 2019.

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