Alphamax’s pair of figures of the two main heroines of Nekopara, Chocola and Vanilla, is now open for pre-order, and they shared off new screenshots of the stunning catgirl figures today. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Both figures in the pair feature the catgirls in pastel-colored china dresses, and as you can see from the heart shape formed by their tails, are meant to be displayed together. Both figures have limited editions that includes an extra lantern for them to hold and spice up their poses.

In the original game, Chocola and Vanilla are two catgirls who are adopted by the protagonist, Kashou Minaduki. When Kashou leaves home to start a cake shop, Chocola and Vanilla sneak out as well, and end up working as waitresses at the new cake shop ‘La Soleil’.

You can check out more pictures of the figures below:

The two figures will be released in September, and are set to cost 17,800 yen each (excluding tax). Preorders are open under February 28, 2020.

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