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Nekopara’s PS4 Version Delayed To Summer 2018 Worldwide, Switch Version Delayed In Europe



Nekopara Vol 1 for PlayStation 4 and Switch was expected to be released today, July 4, 2018, but it’s been delayed a bit on the PS4 version worldwide and the Switch version in Europe.


The official Nekopara Twitter account shared a notice for the delay along with an apology to the fans for any inconveniences.


The PlayStation 4 version has been delayed from its expected July 4 release in Japan, North America, and Europe to a Summer 2018 release window. As for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, it’ll today, July 4, as scheduled in North America and Japan. However, in Europe the Switch version has been delayed by a bit to July 2018, meaning it could be anywhere from later this week to the end of the month.


Previously, publisher CFK announced that Nekopara on PS4 and Switch would be delayed to July 4 from its initial June 21 release date.

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