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Nelke & the Legendary Details Post-Game Content, Season Pass Included With First-Print Copies



Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists releases later this month in Japan and Gust had some last-minute info to share with details on its post-game challenge and its Season Pass content that comes with first-print copies.




A new challenge awaits after clearing the game. By playing on a post-game save, you unlock a new route called “Gate of the Underworld” where your party takes on monsters that continue to appear. The monster types are random and they become stronger the more you defeat.



In the Gate of the Underworld you can gain plenty of experience against the never-ending monsters, or see how far you can get and aim for new records.



The monsters that appear here are tough. Boss-class monsters are said to begin appearing after Battle 5.


First-print copies of the game include its Season Pass that celebrates Gust’s 25th anniversary. Below is a look at the Season Pass content and  schedule for Japan:


Gust 25th Anniversary BGM Pack 1

Release: January 31, 2019


120 BGM tracks, including music from Ciel nosurge and Ar nosurge.


Gust 25th Anniversary BGM Pack 2

Release: February 7, 2019


110 BGM tracks, including music from Nights of Azure, Nights of Azure 2, and Blue Reflection.




Gust-chan becomes a resident in your town and helps out with the town-building. There are exclusive events prepared for her as well.





Atelier 20th Anniversary Appreciation House

Release: February 21, 2019



The barrel we often see in the Atelier games was a big part of its 20th anniversary logo, and they’re adding it as a special facility that you can build in town.


The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Statue

Release: February 28, 2019


To commemorate winning Gust’s Atelier series’ 20th anniversary character popularity poll, Sophie Neuenmuller is getting a commemorative statue that you can build in town.



There’s a chance the above bonus items will be available as paid DLC items later, but it has yet to be confirmed. The Season Pass comes included with all first-print copies of the game in Japan.




The Premium Box & 20th Anniversary Box comes with early-access to Nelke’s exclusive Willbell costume. When wearing the costume, Nelke has a bustier illustration and it also changes her 3D model used in exploration and battles.


Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 31, 2019. It’ll come to the West on March 26 in North America and March 29 in Europe for PS4, Switch, and PC. Check our previous report for a look at some of its events between legacy characters.

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