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Nelo Blends Bullet Hell, Run N’ Gun, Hack N’ Slash In One High-Speed Package


Nelo offers a blurring of various playstyles with its frantic, high-speed gunplay, giving players a mix of twin stick shooter, run n’ gun, and hack n’ slash as they use four guns and their melee attacks to down hostile alien machines.


Players control Nelo Aukal, an alien cyborg armed with an array of firearms and telekinetic attacks. As Nelo, players are tasked with dealing with parasitic machines that were created by your people, heading to the planet Plemniba to take them down or die in the attempt.

Nelo focuses on “lightning fast” speeds as players tangle with enemy machines. Players will be able to fire back with four guns at the same time, rushing around each area to get out of the way of gunfire. While doing so, players can change the viewpoint from third person shooter to top-down, twin stick shooter, allowing players to get a better sense of where shots are coming from and get a different perspective on combat. However, they will lose some of the mobility that comes in third person mode, so players will have to think carefully about which mode will help them most.


Nelo is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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