Neo Aquarium Brings Crustaceans Battling With Lasers To Steam


Playism has published Japanese indie studio Nussoft’s competitive 3D shooter Neo Aquarium – The King of Crustaceans on Steam.


Neo Aquarium has you playing as lobsters, crabs, and barnacles as do battle with charged lasers. They can also use techniques common among arthropods such as molting and self-amputation to get tactical advantage.


If you’re wondering why these crustaceans have the ability to fire lasers it is explained in the game. The battles take place in the titular “neo aquariums,” which are large aquariums linked by dimensional portals that were built to promote the rapid evolution of the creatures inside. That makes sense … right?


Neo Aquarium was originally released back in 2012 and has been available in English on the Playism store since then. Hopefully, with this Steam release, it will pick up a few more fans. And the extra money will probably be put towards the development of the sequel Neo Aquarium 2: Ace of Seafood – it forgoes crustaceans in favor of rocket-powered fish and battleships.

Chris Priestman