Neo Geo Hyper Shooter Razion Starts Limited Edition Pre-Orders In October



German indie studio NG.DEV.TEAM has announced that pre-orders for the Limited Edition homecarts of its 2D hyper shooter Razion for Neo Geo AES will go live in October.


You’ll have to very quick if you want to grab one, however, as the pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition carts sold out just seven hours after being available on September 2nd for €499 each (approximately $655).


That’s not too surprising considering there were only 100 carts available to pre-order worldwide. Unfortunately, there will only be 50 Limited Edition carts available in October. The pre-orders will go up on the NG.DEV.TEAM store and you should keep an eye on the developer’s Twitter account for the news.


Razion is a typical game from NG.DEV.TEAM, who specialize in high quality fast-paced 16-bit shooters for Neo Geo and Dreamcast in the style of Japanese arcade classics.


It’s a horizontal shooter with its scoring system being based on growing gold cubes from fallen enemies to charge up a powerful high-damage beam. It has three modes (Novice, Normal, Maniac) and six dramatic stages with an epic end boss and seven sub bosses across the breadth of the game.


There’s more information about Razion on its official website.

Chris Priestman