Neo-Noir Shooter The Dark Phantom Has Shades Of Watchmen



The Dark Phantom is a comic-book influenced, neo-noir third-person shooter about a man calling himself the Dark Phantom as he hunts down criminals across a dark city. Developer Pardis Game Studio is currently seeking $50,000 in funding for it on Kickstarter.


With his long trenchcoat, bandaged face and body topped with a fedora, the Dark Phantom looks a little like Rorshach from The Watchmen comics, and that seems to be no accident. His views on the universe, morality, and his mission between all of that seems to be in alignment with Rorshach, too.


Pardis reckons that the world of The Dark Phantom is taken from other dark and gloomy comic books (or graphic novels) like The Boys and Sin City, though. You’ll be running across its rooftops and down its back alleys clearing it of criminals and villains in high-intensity shootouts that plays like Gears of War with a cover-based system and destructible terrain.


Variety comes with boss fights and quick-time events (not tedious ones, apparently), as well as close-quarters combat. The game also features the Bullet Tag system used in Hitman: Absolution and Red Dead Redemption, allowing you to tag enemies and then blast off rounds into them in slow motion.


The Dark Phantom is near to release, with a November 2014 date set for its arrival on Windows. The funding is required for the team to make the finishing touches on the game. Any additional funding will be put towards improvements to environmental destruction, more guns and enemies, better voiceovers, and ports to Mac and Linux as well as consoles.


You can grab a copy of the game for $15 through the Kickstarter, with $10 getting you a digital art book, and $180 bagging you a Dark Phantom action figure providing the crowdfunding campaign is successful. There’s more information on the game over on its website.

Chris Priestman